Our Departed Brethren


We remember those who have gone before us.

Died 18 April 2016
Br Joachim Devlin died in the community on 18 April, after a brief illness, half way through his..
Died 19 May 2015
Br Celsus Hendron died peacefully, at the age of 91, in our infirmary in the early hours of 19 M..
Died 10 May 2014
Br Joseph McArdle died among us in our infirmary on 10 May, some eighteen months after he had ..
Died 16 April 2011
Our Brother Brendan Gaynor died peacefully in our infirmary on 16 April, eighteen months after b..
Died 28 August 2010
Our Br. Gregory Curry, known to his family as "Uncle Noel", died in St. Vincent's Private on 28..
First Abbot
Died 25 September 2006
Our much loved Dom Kevin O'Farrell died among us on 25 September 2006 after pending the last co..
Died 21 July 2002
Br Tony, sometimes addressed within the community as Bucko or Fred, died after a relatively sho..
Died 21 May 2001
Fr Stephen List died suddenly on the evening of 21 May 2001. He had been undergoing chemotherap..
Died 2 June 1999
Our community experienced the shock of a second death among its ranks only a matter of some six..
Died 19 April 1999
In April 1999, our community experienced one of those significant moments in its history with t..
Died 17 April 1995
Another familiar face has gone from Tarrawarra when Br Kevin Burke, one of the foundation group..
Died 2 October 1992
Bernard Francis Parker was born at Childers, Queensland, on 11 May 1924, the sixth of the eight..
Died 18 June 1992
Died 13 May 1986
I don't know if I have been in a morbid mood lately, but I have been writing in my newspaper co..
Died 2 April 1985
Br Gabriel Curtis died very quietly and peacefully after a long illness. He was born in Dublin and b..
First Superior
Died 7 March 1985
Fr Cronan Sherry was born in Ireland, in Foxford, County Mayo in 1919 and he was baptised and c..
Died 20 October 1980
Our community has lost one of its best known and loved members with the death on 20 October 198..
Died 1 February 1968
Fr Robert's death on 1 February 1968 was a shock for the community because, although he was sub..
Died 30 March 1958
Br Finbarr left Ireland in 1954 and settled in Australia to become one of those who worked so h..
Abbatial Blessing of Dom Steele Hartmann OCSO

Dom Steele was blessed by the Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne this morning. More photos will..

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