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Br Finbarr Salmon

Br Finbarr left Ireland in 1954 and settled in Australia to become one of those who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to establish the Cistercian life in the land of the Southern Cross. He entered the  monastery at Roscrea in 1927 and over the years became known far and wide through his work in receiving guests there. His cheerfulness endeared him to everyone.

Here is a reminiscence of him contributed by Br Munchin who knew him well:
Br. Finbarr was one of the pioneers. He took up cooking for the community  at Tarrawarra and was doing this kind of work right up to a week before he died. He kept his sense of humour to the end. When he was dying, he said to those who were looking after him, “I have one pair of rubber boots – I will leave the good one to Br. Kevin and the broken one to Br. Munchin – he’s got one foot in the grave like myself.”
(Tarrawarra Newsletter, March 1968)