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Br Gregory Curry

Our Br. Gregory Curry, known to his family as “Uncle Noel”, died in St. Vincent’s Private on 28 August. As our regular readers would remember, he celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday just prior to Christmas last year. His parents, Madeline and Bill, didn’t stray very far from the streamers and the tinsel of the 1924 festive season in his January 1925 christening.
His monastic superiors renamed him Gregory and he seemed to prefer that as he never reverted to Noel when the possibility presented itself. Greg had a fairly rough medical track record in his last five years. One of his oft repeated sayings was: “If it’s not one thing, it’s half a dozen others!” As it happened though, he had only four days in hospital at the end. At his death bed was the faithful trinity: Br. Joseph McArdle, his Infirmarian, Sr. Margaret Barclay and Dr. Greg Barclay, a niece and nephew.
Greg was what Fr. Malachy would have called “a Sydney sinner” – well at least Concord, Sydney born and bred! During the Second World War he served as a wireless operator in the army. The Veterans Affairs Department blessed him with a “gold card” as an expression of Australia’s gratitude for saving us and followed him with TLC (tender loving care) through his multiple medical adventures. On the morning of his death, when he was already unconscious, the newspaper was delivered to his door, and his tasty evening meal arrived just as he breathed his last – both with “gold card” love!
Greg entered the community as a lay-brother on 21 April 1957, about two and a half years after Tarrawarra’s foundation. Although he wasn’t the first Aussie to enter, he does go into the Book of Records as the first to enter and persevere until death. He celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his Profession on 1 November last year. Over more than half a century he served the community in a variety of positions including farm manager, bursar, and manager of the Eucharistic Breads Business. We pray in the words of St. Benedict: “May Christ bring us all together to eternal life”.