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Fr Robert Sheeran

Fr Robert’s death on 1 February 1968 was a shock for the community because, although he was subject to ill-health and had for years been under treatment by doctors for various ailments, still he had seemed of recent times to be in particularly good spirits and was an example to us by his regular attendance at the divine office and other community exercises.

On the morning of his death, he had been present at Matins and had concelebrated at the community Mass. Later in the morning, as it began to get very hot, he decided to cool off with a swim, his first in many years, and he and two other monks went down to the river. He had just entered the water when he suffered a sudden heart attack and became unconscious in a few seconds. Help arrived quickly, but all attempts to revive him failed and when the doctor came a short time later he pronounced him dead. The funeral on 3 February 1968 was attended by some three hundred mourners, including many of the clergy and religious of Melbourne.

Fr Robert’s death is a great loss to the community. During his years here, he had become well known as an apiarist and exhibited successfully each year in the Melbourne Show. He was also something of an authority on Australian native flora and fauna, but it was not so much these things, as his great kindliness and sympathy which endeared him to so many, particularly the children, many of whom used to write to him.
(Tarrawarra Newsletter, March 1968)