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Life at Tarrawarra

Life at Tarrawarra Abbey is a contemporary version of the ancient tradition of Cistercian monasticism with an Australian accent, designed to foster the experience of God and growth in prayerfulness and love. Our simple lifestyle gives priority to liturgical and personal prayer as well as sacred reading, balanced by community living, work, and study. It is a disciplined and ordered life in which we seek God through the traditional monastic means. It is, moreover, an intense and close community existence.

Each monastery of the Order supports itself by working. From the very beginning at Tarrawarra, we have earned our living by farming. We have a fine beef herd of Charolais and Red Angus cattle. In 2000, we started distributing eucharistic breads to most Catholic parishes and institutions in Victoria and elsewhere.

The community has an extensive library and takes responsibility for its own formation programme, with a qualified faculty and every encouragement for all to study both for their own benefit and for that of others.

Much work and care is devoted to the liturgy. Sick and aged monks are nursed in our own infirmary. There are many other areas where monks work according to need in the monastery and in its grounds. All take turns in household chores and in working in the guesthouse.