We offer hospitality to those who desire to join us for prayer or for a few days’ retreats and to visitors who wish to taste for themselves the peace of this sacred place and to experience the healing rhythm of time spent in the beauty of nature and punctuated by the Hours of the monastic liturgy.

Guests are welcomed to stay in the guesthouse for a maximum of one week per year. They live in a separate part of the building and are welcome to attend the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass. Currently, there is accommodation for six guests in the guesthouse. Reservations are essential. For enquiries and bookings, please contact the Guestmaster: +61 (03) 9730 1306 (between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm) or email.

  • Lay Group

We are a group of people, not necessarily Catholic, who have been attracted to the Cistercian spirituality as lived by the monks at Tarrawarra Abbey. The Lay Group was founded in 1995.

Even though we have differing lifestyles, we believe there are key elements in the Cistercian tradition which are compatible with, and can be adequately adapted to, the demands of a non-monastic way of living. 

We believe that in time, through modifying and incorporating these elements into our lives, they will help us to grow in our spiritual journeys.

We recognise the need to meet regularly with others who have such a similar desire. It is an opportunity to share our struggles and difficulties, our successes and insights in our spiritual endeavour. 

We also feel a need to pray together, and we desire to cultivate a true and loving concern for one another. In this way, we hope to encourage each other to grow spiritually.

We meet on every last Sunday of the month (February to November). Most would generally attend the Community Mass at 10:00am, though this is not expected of those who attend. After Mass there is a period for some light refreshment. At about midday, we assembly in the Guesthouse for a shared meal — each person having brought something to share. At the end of the meal, we begin with a time of quiet prayer, with a discussion following after. This is based loosely on a Chapter from the book we are currently reading. While the discussion has a chapter from the book as its focus, our discussion generally ranges a little more widely. Our discussion is not meant to be like a book club, but more a forum where matters of faith and the living of it can be discussed. We aim to finish at about 2:00pm.

For more information, email us.