No. 97 - 2022




A First Lecturer for the Cistercians?.....5-12
Matthew Beckmann ofm

The Ideals of an Interwar Benedictine Artist.....13-44
Edward M. C. Begnaud Jr.

Non-Covetousness in Sermon 24 of Aelred of Rievaulx on the Nativity of Holy Mary: Saint Joseph’s Hidden Influence....45-51
Placid Morris ocso

Joseph the Just by Xavier Léon-Dufour....52-58
Giles Conacher osb

Not a Virtue, but a Way of Life: Humility in Benedict.....59-71
Michaela Puzicha osb

Saint Martin and the Rule of Benedict: An Investigation.....72–85
Aquinata Böckmann osb

The Promise of Deliverance: Reading Second Isaiah: A Review.....86-87
Mary Reaburn nds

Coenobium – Reflections on Monastic Community: A Review.....88-90
Michael Kelly osb

Contemplative Prayer at Work in Our Lives: Resting in God’s Presence and Action: A Review.....91-92
Robyn Reynolds olsh

New Book Alert Christian Asceticism By Anselm Stolz osb.....93
Giles Conacher osb