No. 96 - 2021



Editorial..... 3-5

* The Monk Within, “a virile ascesis” in the Thought of Paul Evdokimov.....5-11
Ron Browning

* The Challenges of Interculturality and the Flight from Community.....12-28
Michael Casey ocso

* Standing before God in the Whirlwind, Reconciliation of Paradoxes and the Rule of Benedict....29-43
Carmel Posa sgs

* The Heart of the Rule: Chapter 35 The Weekly Kitchen Servers....44-55
Denise West osb

* Higher Peaks: Teaching as Servant Leadership in the Rule of Benedict.....56-68
Jayan Koshy

* The Personality Traits of St Benedict as Seen Benedict’s Rule.....69-78
Romualdo Ho osb

Listen My Son: Fourth Talk on the Prologue of St Benedict.....79-84
Steele Hartmann ocso

The Jewish Origins of the Pater by Robert Aron.....85-90
Giles Conacher osb

The Martyr Monks of Casamari Dom Simeone Cardon and his Five Companions.....91-94
Giles Conacher osb

A Bridge Between: Spanish Benedictine Missionary Women in Australia: A Review.....95-96
Helen Anderson sgs

In the Goodness of God – a Memoir, Dom Kevin O’Farrell ocso: A Review.....97-98
Jill O’Brien sgs

St Benedict’s Rule: An Inclusive Translation and Daily Commentary: A Review.....99-100
Carmel Posa sgs


* These articles have been peer-reviewed.