No. 98 - 2023




Synodality Reflected in the Rule of Benedict.....5-13
David Orr osb

"Listen, daughter, and see" Images of Women Listening in the Presence of God, 1050 to the Present.....14-35
Clare Renkin

* Queering Early Monasticism The Lives of Ascetic Women: A Preliminary Investigation....36-40
Sarah Glover

* Reversing the Gender Border between Benedict and Scholastica in the Hagiographical Record....41-55
Carmel Posa sgs

* An Exploration of the Theme, "Borders of the Body" in Julian of Norwich's Revelations.....56-64
Janette Bredenoord Elliott

Kintsugi - Reflections on Dealing with Breakage in the Rule of St Benedict.....65-76
Manuela Scheiba osb

Gratitude as the Keyword to Benedictine Spirituality.....77-86
David Steindl-Rast osb

"Be Holy for I, the Lord your God am Holy." A Homily.....87-88
Rev Brendan Reed

Prayer with St Benedict Fr Bernard Ducruet (1927-2020).....89-92
Giles Conacher osb

New Books in Translation.....93-95
Carmel Posa sgs


* Peer reviewed articles